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10 Things that women wear that men love Part 1

10 Things that women wear that men love

Have you been spending a lot of time wondering what clothes to wear in order to woo away your crush, or rekindle your romance with your partner?

We’ve compiled (part one) 5 clothing items that men adore seeing on women, here, take a look:


1.      Old T-Shirts

Men like to see women in low-key outfits consisting of battered old t-shirts and heavily distressed tees, paired with denim jeans and shorts for a casual yet sexy statement.

2.      Fitted Denim Jeans

Nothing could flatter a woman’s curve more than a nicely fitted pair of denim jeans that vividly pronounces her derriere and makes her feel comfortable. It’s the best pick to put your ass on display without feeling too overwhelmed.2

3.      A Little Black Dress

When it comes to black tie affairs, office parties, or wooing that crush you’ve been eyeing for months, a little black dress is a woman’s hottest styling weapon. A strappy little black dress that falls above the knees or even below is all it takes to set a man’s heart racing, and if you pair it up with a dark red lip and strappy stilettos, you can blow his mind with just one glance!

4.      Sundresses

Nothing excites men more than seeing their lady love shining through the summer sun in a pretty and vibrant sundress. Needless to say, sundresses make women feel like goddesses by highlighting every curve of their body, and turning them into a flirtatiously playful and whimsical entity.

5.      Baseball Caps

Men are wildly attractive towards women in baseball caps, because it gives them a relaxed, outgoing and sporty statement along with boosting their confidence and chicness.

Stay tuned for part 2. In the meantime, share your own things here.

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